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Benefits of Ladies Waterproof Jackets

ladies waterproof jackets

What are the benefits of ladies waterproof jackets? Everyone who has been caught in a sudden downpour without a water-resistant jacket and gotten soaked will suddenly realize the advantage of owning one. For those owning ladies waterproof jackets, however, unpredictable weather is not a problem because they simply have to throw on their jackets and continue with their errands, fully protected and comfortably dry. In addition to making it easy to carry and wear, ladies waterproof jackets are lightweight, much less bulky than coats and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. These kinds of jackets can also be short enough to hug the waist or long enough to fall below the waist, adding a touch of style to your outer wardrobe.

What to Look For in Ladies Waterproof Jackets

A good ladies waterproof jacket is made for a woman's shape and contains elements such as a two-way zipper, optional hood, insulated pockets for mobile phones or other electronic devices and insulated, dual-protection interior. Some waterproof jackets are implementing reflective designs which increases the visibility of the wearer at night, along with underarm air vents that enhance breathability of the jacket. Depending on the type of weather conditions in which you plan on wearing your jacket, a waterproof jacket can vary in weight and density. Ladies waterproof jackets can be found lightweight enough to fit in a small carrying pouch, while others meant for cooler weather can only be carried or folder over one or twice.


Materials Used in Ladies Waterproof Jackets

What makes a ladies waterproof jacket waterproof yet so comfortable and breathable? Basically some coats employ a condition implemented by using microfiber which as been so tightly woven together that is becomes water repellent, as well as temperature repellent.

Other jackets have been essentially "laminated" with chemicals that resist water absorption while simultaneously allowing perspiration to pass through this treated layer. The majority of ladies waterproof jackets use "DWR", or durable water-repellent finish which treats the exterior of the jacket. Essentially, it makes water bead and run off before giving it a change to soak through, somewhat like window treatments are used to facilitate the run off of rain water on an automobile's front windshield.

In addition, trench coats are also a type of popular ladies waterproof jackets  that many women like due to its stylishness and form-fitting ability which accentuates a woman's figure by gathering in at the waist and slightly flaring just below the hips.

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