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When buying a womens golf club set you firstly need to know the difference between men’s golf clubs and a womens golf club set. The weight, shaft length and shaft flex the thickness of the grip are usually different.

Here are the differences explained. A woman's hands are generally smaller then a man's hands so the grips on a womens golf club set are thinner. The shaft of a women's club is typically shorter and more flexible. This is because most ladies have a slower club-head speed, so she gets some assistance from a more flexible shaft that gives the ball a little more help.

When you buy a womens golf club set you may notice the club-head is slightly heavier than on a man’s club. Because women's clubs have shorter shafts the club needs to balance properly at the shorter length - so the head must be slightly heavier.

Balancing a golf club can be a tradeoff between total weight, balance point (which is influenced by the distribution of weight between the grip, shaft and club-head), and is also based on the resistance of an object to being rotationally accelerated (if that makes sense), and so is influenced by weight and length.

Typically man's 9-iron head weighs 283 grams, while a typical women's 9-iron head weighs 293 grams. So, be aware of this difference when buying a womens golf club set.

The Big Bertha Irons by Callaway Golf take forgiveness to new heights by integrating a set of clubs featuring the i-brids, clubs designed to replace hard-to-hit long irons. The i-brids combine the accuracy & control of irons with the forgiveness & versatility of a hybrid. In the women golf club set the 4 through 7 iron is always going to be the i-brid version while the 8 thru lob wedge will be the traditional.

Here are some womens golf club sets and clubs to look for.

The Callaway Golf X-22 Irons are the best X Series irons Callaway Golf has ever created. By maximizing perimeter weighting, these irons boast an MOI that’s 10 percent higher than their predecessors. The ideal CG position has been preserved, generating optimal ball-flight trajectories. The Modified Tru-Bore design has been incorporated, dampening vibration for enhanced feel and the tour-inspired head shape has a slightly thinner topline and sole with a large sweet spot for improved aesthetics and forgiveness that will boost the confidence of any lady golfer.

Ping Rhapsody Hybrids are a great way to add versatility to your game. The sloped crown design and low center of gravity position of the stainless steel head provides higher launching, longer-flying results from all conditions. As a mid-iron alternative that's available in three loft options (26°, 30° & 34°), you'll find they provide the confidence to attempt any shot, from anywhere.

The Nike Women's SasQuatch SUMO 2 Hybrids are ideal if you have ever been stuck with over 200 yards to the green and a tough lie. The Nike SQ SUMO 2 Hybrid has a square head design, a generous offset and the extreme perimeter weighting make this Nike Golf's highest MOI hybrid ever. This club is designed to deliver exceptional stability at impact and produce high launching soft landing shots. It has a lightweight face is thicker in the middle and progressively thinner at the edges, resulting in a more consistent ball speed, maximum distance and increased forgiveness across the clubface.

When choosing a womens golf club set consider hybrids and understand the weight and length differences.

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